GREECE – BULGARIA 2014 – 2020

Reinforcing Protected Areas Capacity through an Innovative Methodology for Sustainability
(Reg. No: 1890)

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Lake Ismarida

Lake Ismarida (or Mitrikou) covers an area of approximately 320 ha and is described as a small and shallow lake, as its maximum depth does not exceed 1.5 meters. This is the only fresh water lake in Thrace, situated at the south part of the Rodopi regional unit. To the north is the estuary of River Vosvozis, which forms a small delta, while River Lissos (Filiouris) flows through to the east. The climate that prevails in the area falls between the Mediterranean and the central European climate types, but it’s closer to the central European climate. On its southern side, a 5.2 km channel connects it with Anoichto bay on the Thracian Sea.