GREECE – BULGARIA 2014 – 2020

Reinforcing Protected Areas Capacity through an Innovative Methodology for Sustainability
(Reg. No: 1890)

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The Nestos Delta covers a total area of approximately 55,000 ha and is located along the southern boundary between the regional units of Kavala and Xanthi. Because of its size and the variety of its biotopes, they are considered among the most important wetlands of Greece and Europe. The Nestos Delta was formed by the accumulation of fluvial sediments carried downstream by the river to its estuary, while its creation resulted from the combined actions of the river and the sea waves and currents. It has been included in the List of Internationally Important Wetlands, of the Ramsar Convention, it forms part of the Natura 2000 network and is one of the European Union’s Special Bird Sanctuaries. The wetlands complex of the Delta comprises seven small lakes to the northeast of Chrysoupoli, as well as eight lagoons. The most distinctive lagoons are those of Vassova, Erateino, Agiasma, Keramoti, Monastiraki, Magana, and Erasmio. Furthermore, an area of 450 ha, is covered by the “Great Forest” (Kotza Orman), of huge environmental importance. This is the largest natural riparian forest in Greece while its existence does not depend solely on rainwater, but mainly on the waters of rivers and lakes.